Donating to The SUBSTATION will ensure we can continue to support local communities and artists now and into the future.

Over the last five years, The SUBSTATION has established itself as a new voice in the contemporary art community of Australia. The SUBSTATION promotes the creation and presentation of contemporary and experimental art and ideas from across art forms, from the deeply personal to the universal, from Newport to the rest of Australia and beyond.

Our 100-year-old repurposed industrial building, renovated by our local community, is a physical symbol of the transformation taking place in our area and more broadly across the Western region of Melbourne. This historical context is a point of inspiration to which we return, a reminder of our importance to the local area and community.

Since 2016, The SUBSTATION has made a significant cultural impact locally, nationally and internationally. Over the last five years we have welcomed over 280,000 visitors to our building, supported over 50 local community groups with free venue hire and engaged 588 artists to work in our spaces. We actively strive for artistic and cultural diversity across our program. In 2018, 60% of the artists we worked with identified as female and 30% as culturally and/or linguistically diverse.

Since 2016 we have never charged an artist, arts company or local community group to present in our incredible building. We have worked to pay fees, create platforms and an environment in which artists are supported and respected in a way which we think gives them the best chance at doing their best work.

Looking forward to the next five years, it is with a commitment to the principles of collaboration and partnership with our local community, co-presenters, stakeholders and artists which will continue to guide us. As we currently work towards reopening our incredible building we will continue to leverage every dollar to generate as much income as possible to create opportunities for artists, communities and audiences to come together.

Please consider supporting us to continue this work through an individual donation.

How to donate to The SUBSTATION

By Direct Debit or Bank Transfer
The Substation Donations Account
BSB: 033-100
Account number: 175052
If donating through Direct Debit please email [email protected] with your contact details so we can issue a tax deductible receipt.

By Cheque
Make the Cheque payable to: The SUBSTATION INC
Send with your Name, Address, Phone and Email address to:
The SUBSTATION - 1 Market Street Newport VIC 3015

Online To donate online via credit card, head to GiveNow

Our Executive Producer, Michaela Coventry is happy to discuss how your donation can help The SUBSTATION [email protected] / +61 (0)412 535 548

Information on Tax Deductible Donations
The SUBSTATION is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and endorsed as a Charitable Entity under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. The SUBSTATION is also on the Australian Government Register of Cultural Organisations.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

The SUBSTATION would like to acknowledge the following individual donors who have previously supported our organisation and program over the last five years:
Dominic Arcaro
Jude Gun
Shane Hulbert, Tammy Wong Hulbert & Emmet Hulbert
Andrew Huynh
Erin Milne
Brad Spolding
Amber Stuart
Gina Stuart
Susan van Wyk & Timothy Lee
Tim Watts MP

The following donors were instrumental in helping to establish The SUBSTATION as an arts and culture centre:
Jeffrey Achtem 
Alexandra Aldrich
Esther Anatolitis
Dominic Arcaro
Steve & Terry Bracks
Rob Broatch 
Adrian Butera
Footy Cards
Latham & Amy Conley
Matthew Cuthbertson
Bonnie Dalton
Cathy Danaher
Elliot & Lisa Daniel
Alan Davies
Amantha Dobinson
Rhyll Dorrington
Vedran Drakulic
Leigh Ewbank
Robyn Farrell
Brian Ferris
Colleen Gates
Michael Greaves 
Robert Hague
Ralph Hampson 
Colleen Hartland
Monique Harvey
Luke Hynes 
Garry Kindley & Meg Hansen 
Lynne Kosky
Michele Langlands 
Sarah Lausberg
John Lee 
Mary-Jane Lerodiaconou
Geoff Long
Georgie Matingley
Anton Mayer
Barlow Mcewan 
Katrina Mcferran
Erin Milne
Jenny Mitchell
Susan Morrow
Sam Muir
Newport Traders Association
Peter Outhred
Amanda Pagan
Ailsa Page 
Katarina Persic
Post Industrial Design
Kerry Pyne 
Ralph Hampson Consulting
Hayden Raysmith 
Norman Rosenblatt
David Skop
Faith Symons
David Williams 
Lachlan Woods

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