Talking Hands

Zoya Martin

Immerse yourself in a world of skin, scars, slender  fingers and busted thumbs. In the west of Melbourne and Japan, workers have taken their gloves off for artist Zoya Martin to photograph their hands up close, revealing a love of work and labour. Walkthrough a sea of hands and the stories they hold.

‘Industry is home to countless human stories, if you care to get up close. Zoya Martin’s exhibition of photography Talking Hands follows this train of thought. She has gone into the homes of more than a dozen workers from a wide variety of industries to talk about their work lives and try to capture something of that history via images of their hands.’ John Bailey, The Age

Through focusing on their hands, workers recalled their experiences in a new way, sharing details that may not have been revealed otherwise. They offered their hands to be photographed unselfconsciously, and often with a sense of pride. Scars were pointed out and tales recounted.

Zoya Martin is a local artist who seeks to create a sense of connectedness through making art with and about people, engaging communities in surprising and inspiring ways.

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