Main space

main space is suitable as a performance space

Number of guests 500 standing, 240 seated
Dimensions 27,495mm length x 9,675mm width (from back of low ceiling area to red curtain)
Height floor to ceiling 8883mm
Height to underside of grid truss 1 and 2 6200mm (FOH)
Height truss 3 6850mm (Spine Truss)
Floor Lacquered blonde timber floor laid over concrete slab (non-sprung)
Loading dock access Access via main entry and lift to level 1
Access doorways 7 doorways into the space: all measure 1640mm x 2385mm
Blackout Full blackout is difficult
Lighting 3 x Hibays
Room drapes Black half-height drapes (studio end): floor to 4m (underside of studio level) and from 4m to 8m (covering windows of Studio Level), red full-height drapes (foyer end) and black full-height drapes (foyer end), red full-height drapes on all windows and glass doors
Power No GPOs in the room, but 7 x double 10A GPOs in corridor immediately adjacent to each set of glass doors
Facilities 2 meeting rooms available as dressing rooms/auxiliary spaces
Internet access Internet access is available, subject to usage conditions

For more information please contact our Events Manager, Marisa Fiume, during office hours on (03) 9391 1110 or via [email protected].

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