The Violin Generator

Jon Rose

This Dada-esque cabinet of curiosities includes over 700 violin artefacts, iconography, and improbable instruments; performances that are musically perverse, historically twisted, and culturally critical. Sourced from Australia’s most unusual collection, The Rosenberg Museum is the brainchild of violinist, composer, and artist Jon Rose.

Experience these improbable instruments in action with performances on the 5th, 6th, 12th & 13th April with musicians Ernie Althoff, Robbie Avenaim, Biddy Connor, Jozef Cseres, Judith Hamann, Rainer Linz, Michael McNab, Maria Moles, Chloe Smith, Rachael Kim, Erkki Veltheim,Lizzy Welsh and Brigid Burke.

The Violin Generator is a free exhibition and performances are $10.

7:00 PM Introduction Jozef Cseres, Director of the Rosenberg Museum.
7:15 PM Gallery 6 Rainer Linz, Alternative Violin Pedagogy.
7:30 PM Gallery 5 Ernie Althoff, The Leichhardt Violin - 2 String Drone Instrument with DC Motors - Cigar Box Monochord Played by 16 RPM Turntable MK 2.
7:45 PM Gallery 4 Robbie Avenaim, SARPS String Quartet.
8:00 PM Gallery 3 Robbie Avenaim & Ernie Althoff, I Can Shake a Chicken in the Middle of the Room
Maria Moles & Ernie Althoff, The Musical Coffin - Single-String Corrugated Violano.
8:15 PM Gallery 2 Mezzanine Organ on Timer
8:30 PM Dance Studio Level 2 Brigid Burke & Maria Moles, The Angst of the String at Tilde.
8:45 PM Intermission  
9:00 PM Main Space Level 1 Erkki Veltheim, Rachael Kim, Lizzy Welsh, Judith Hamann, Biddy Connor, Chloë Smith, Maria Moles, Robbie Avenaim, Michael McNab, Music in a Time of Dysfunction.
9:30 PM Performances End, Gallery Open.  

Presented by The SUBSTATION, in conjunction with Tura New Music. Supported by Australia Council.

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