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Video Still from THUNDERHEAD (2016–) by Tina Havelock Stevens
The Substation, 1 Market Street, Newport, Victoria 3015, Australia
18–19 March 2022
Fri–Sat 8–10pm

Wheelchair accessible


$20 General


THUNDERHEAD is a durational audiovisual experience by artist Tina Havelock Stevens and long-time collaborator, Liberty.

“THUNDERHEAD captures the unpredictable and extraordinary forms that manifest in the earth’s atmosphere. It reminds us of the creeping uncertainty of weather patterns and volatile power of a compromised global system.

It shows the meteorological spectacle of a supercell, anchored just off the horizon across an outstretched plain, a low-lying mountain range visible in the distance.We watch, anticipating the system’s retreat or advance. Here the potential of the storm has been suspended by an infinite loop, the score – a hook that draws the viewer in.”

— Charlotte Hickson, PICA

Performers Tina Havelock Stevens and Liberty respond in real-time to a single piece of footage captured by Tina Havelock Stevens after ‘going the wrong way, then getting on the right track’ while driving along Highway 54 in Texas.”

This event is wheelchair accessible and gender neutral accessible toilets are available.

Please note that mats and proper seating will be provided on both evenings of the performance.

The Substation is committed to continually improving our services to ensure our events can be enjoyed by all. If you have specific access requirements (including seating requirements) please note this when booking or get in touch via

Artist: Tina Havelock Stevens
Cinematographer: Tina Havelock Stevens
Performers: Tina Havelock Stevens (Drums) and Liberty (Electric Guitar)

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The Mumps
Ft. Tina Havelock Stevens and Liberty


Tina Havelock Stevens,
2 July–13 November 2021
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NATURE EXTEMPORIZE is a survey from visual artist, filmmaker and performer/musician Tina Havelock Stevens. With an abiding interest in the ambiguities of human nature and natural forces – and the contradictory relationship between the two – Havelock Stevens acknowledges this in her neon work and immersive audio visual installations.

Havelock Stevens combines her inquisitiveness as an observational filmmaker with the energy and drive of an improvisatory drummer, contemplating the psyche within spaces and channelling the energy and emotion of the sociological and the environmental. These loaded sites, imbued with belief systems, movement, ritual, immediacy, and the autobiographical, extend from the Philippines to the Southwestern United States, and from NYC, to a Surry Hills lounge-room in Sydney. Havelock Stevens draws attention to things that are just there, to feelings and events that we can’t control.

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1 Market Street, Newport,
Victoria 3015, Australia

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Wed–Sat 12–6pm

We acknowledge and recognise the Ancestors, Elders and families of the Yalukit-willam of the Kulin Nation, who are the traditional custodians of the land that The Substation is on. We extend our respects to their ancestors and elders past, present and emerging, and to all First Nations people.

We are committed to continually improving our services to ensure our events can be enjoyed by all. If you have specific access requirements (including seating arrangements for events) please get in touch.

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