Winter Witches

MASC will be developed as a new live sound and song-based performance work by Winter Witches that amplifies queer sonics and bent gestures into a world gone normal. This work asks: How do we forge a sonic template for queerness? How might non-masc bodies move in that space?

Winter Witches is a collaborative performance project led by Jason Sweeney and Em König. Our collaborators include Jennifer Greer-Holmes, Kerrin Rowlands, Geoff Cobham and Sophie Osborne. We hail from Adelaide (Kaurna Yerta). Beginning in 2015 as a performance art DJ duo, Winter Witches has evolved into a cross-artform music and performance project, focusing on the creation of evocative and immersive sound and song-based live works. We are currently working on a trio of works (Sentients, MASC & Nature) that respond to the links between climate change, ideas of queer masculinities and visions of a queer ecological future.

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