Gail Priest and Thomas Burless

An exquisite performance-installation by Gail Priest & Thomas Burless comprising sculptures and devices that convert the human voice into a mesmerising display of visual patterns and effects. Each night, two guest vocalists join Gail to sing these objects to life, enabling us to hear and see sound at the same time.

A continuous self-vibrating region of intensities is an immersive kinetic performance environment created by sound artist Gail Priest and designer/fabricator Thomas Burless. It explores cymatics, the visual representation of vibrational properties of sound registered through the patterned movement of liquids and fine grains. Inspired by the pioneering research of 19th Century singer/scientist Margaret Watts Hughes, creator of the Eidophone (1885), the performance focuses on the female voice with experimental vocalists Carolyn Connors and Sonya Holowell joining Gail in activating the installation environment.

Gail and Tom have created a curious world of sounding and vibrating objects, informed by research into Victorian-era audiovisual inventions. The instruments work with both acoustic and amplfied material manifesting mesmerising visualisations of sound. The audience is free to wander around the space and inspect the devices close-up with some elements projected via live video feeds. The performance-installation explores the negotiation of sounding events and their propagation through space and materials, explicating sound and affect exploring the liminal zone between the visible and invisible.

A continuous self-vibrating region of intensities was commissioned by The SUBSTATION and Performance Space, with support from The Keir Foundation, Creative Victoria, and the Australia Council for the Arts.

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