With the help of your donations, we were able to commission four mid-career artists in 2018 to create ambitious works of scale. In July 2018, we presented NONCOMPETE by Alisdair Macindoe, an exhibition of self-organising robotic instruments. Our second commission was part of Melbourne International Arts Festival, DEFUNCTIONALISED AUTONOMOUS OBJECTS by Steven Rhall, attracting over 12,000 visitors. AIR DANCER AS BLACK BODY from the exhibition will tour to this year’s Dark Mofo festival in Hobart. NEWER VOLCANICS by The Orbweavers closed out our 2018 program with 2 sold-out live concerts and an album due to be launched later in 2019.

We are thrilled to present the final of the four commissioned works, made possible by your donation, with the exhibition SHIFTING SURROUNDS by Yandell Walton, on now until 20 July 2019. In a stunning immersive digital installation, this exhibition explores human relationships with ecological and physical systems on the planet by interrogating the shifting environments caused by climate change.

Our 2019 program is well under way. To date, we have sold-out four shows and welcomed over 8,000 audience members. A significant highlight was our first ever program in the biennial Dance Massive festival. We premiered 4 new works, all led by independent female artists, from Berlin, Sydney, Perth and the west of Melbourne.

Help us to continue to support and make an impact to independent artists’ careers. Your donation will go directly to artists to present a dynamic program across art forms. Your gift will assist artists throughout the creative process, from research and development right through to presentation. All donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible.

Thank you in advance for donating to The SUBSTATION and I look forward to welcoming you to the space in 2019.


Dominic Arcaro; Jude Gun; Shane Hulbert, Tammy Wong Hulbert & Emmet Hulbert; Andrew Huynh; Erin Milne; Brad Spolding; Amber Stuart; Gina Stuart; Susan van Wyk & Timothy Lee; Tim Watts MP

Our donors

The following people and organisations donated to The SUBSTATION Brick by Brick Supporters Wall. These donations were instrumental in helping to establish The SUBSTATION as an arts and culture centre: Our Brick By Brick Supporters.

Our supporters

We wish to highlight and thank our supporter organisations.

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