The SUBSTATION COMMISSIONING PROGRAM offers local independent artists the opportunity to develop, create and present a significant body of work. The program provides each artist with time, space and resources to develop their work, from concept to presentation over an extended period and in close collaboration with The SUBSTATION. Commissioning Program Donors will be invited in to see first-hand the creative process from beginning to end, through development to presentation of each new commission.

All donations are tax deductible and go directly to the artists to create and present the new commissions.

The selected artists all work in the spaces between traditional art forms and have been invited to realise a significant new work of scale within the unique architectural spaces of The SUBSTATION.


The SUBSTATION COMMISSIONING PROGRAM is proudly supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through their Plus1 fundraising program. For each dollar donated before 18 May 2018 towards the creation of these newly commissioned works, Plus1 will match the amount donated, dollar-for-dollar.  The generosity of supporters who donate $500 or over will be acknowledged as Commissioners of the work in print and on our website.

To make a donation, click here, or to discuss your donation please contact Kali Michailidis on (03) 9391 1110 or manager(@)

Our donors

The following people and organisations donated to The SUBSTATION Brick by Brick Supporters Wall. These donations were instrumental in helping to establish The SUBSTATION as an arts and culture centre: Our Brick By Brick Supporters.

Our supporters

We wish to highlight and thank our supporter organisations.

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