Banjos, Boots & Beyonce


Children all around Australia learn to bush dance every year. You did, I did, we all did. So what’s the deal with a bush dance? What does it mean today? And will we still be Krumping in a hundred years’ time?

Take your partner by the hand as ST MARTINS throws the rule book away. Kids call the shots in this riotous night of dance, banter and iced vovos. This is not your average bush dance, this is a contemporary reimagining through the lens of ST MARTINS’ young artists.

Director: Luke Kerridge
Choreographer: Ghenoa Gela
Designer: Romanie Harper
Sound/DJ: Mz Rizk
Lighting Designer: Lucy Birkinshaw
Assistant Director: Dale Thorburn
Production Management: Filament Design Group

Presented by The SUBSTATION and ST MARTINS.

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