Terre Thaemlitz



Award-winning multimedia artist, writer, public speaker, educator and record label boss Terre Thaemlitz took over The SUBSTATION with her uncompromising, confronting and intellectually ignited work. Thaemlitz’s ouvre resists easy categorisation, spanning the musical spectrum from deep house to neo-expressionist piano solos, glitch to ambient.

Her practice is a provocative engagement with identity politics, working through issues of gender, sexuality, class and ethnicity while also digging into the structural dynamics of media production and reception within society. For Asia TOPA 2020 this influential figure in contemporary music is the subject of a major survey exhibition ‘Reframed Positions’, and will also present two critically acclaimed performance pieces – Lovebomb (2003-05) and Soulnessless: Cantos I-IV (2012).

Presented by The SUBSTATION in association with ROOM40.

Restricted to ages 18+


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Terre Thaemlitz in conversation with Lawrence Engish | Interview


Terre Thaemlitz ‘Reframed Positions’ | Archived Select Images

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