During the weekend of Open House Melbourne, The SUBSTATION presents SUBTERRAIN/UNDERSCORED, a free durational dance event created and choreographed by LINDA SASTRADIPRADJA and STUART SHUGG.

Performances of SUBTERRAIN are UNDERSCORED by dancing that has influenced the lineage of the performers: American Modern and Postmodern dance, traditional Javanese Court dance, and Wayang Kulit performances.

Together SUBTERRAIN/UNDERSCORED occupies The SUBSTATION’s many spaces, occurring at various times and locations within the building throughout the day. The audience is invited to experience SUBTERRAIN/UNDERSCORED through these ever-changing perspectives, to freely wander through and around the building as the dancing unfolds, shifting through and interacting with the cycles of natural daylight.

Through SUBTERRAIN/UNDERSCORED, SASTRADIPRADJA and SHUGG will curate spaces within The SUBSTATION’s architecture to provoke a reconsideration of how, when and where it is possible to experience performed work.

UNDERSCORED will be danced throughout the day with performances of SUBTERRAIN starting at 12pm and 3pm daily. The SUBSTATION will be open for public access from 11am - 5pm daily.

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