Defunctionalised Autonomous Objects

Steven Rhall

Art is just a frame of mind. STEVEN RHALL takes the frame out of the picture.

The first art museums were spaces of conquest when they weren’t showcasing items pillaged from Non European cultures, it was the very bodies of those people put on display. Taungurung visual artist STEVEN RHALL dismantles the gallery as imperial machine, calling into question the very idea of Aboriginal Art as a classification in a series of installations which interrogate various contexts surrounding First Nation art practice and, it’s presentation for a public.

Located at the flashpoints of the European art canon and First Nations art practice, RHALL’s work roams across forms – performance, video, text and photography – and in recent years his playful and thought-provoking creations have been seen in the National Gallery of Victoria, ACCA and the Centre for Contemporary Photography. DEFUNCTIONALISED AUTONOMOUS OBJECTS is RHALL’s first major solo exhibition and confirms his place at the leading edge of a new generation of Australian artists.

Presented by The SUBSTATION and MELBOURNE FESTIVAL. Defunctionalised Autonomous Objects is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, Australia Council for the Arts and Creative Partnerships Australia through their Plus 1 program.

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