Screen As A Room

Nikki Lam

What do you see when stare into a screen? SCREEN AS A ROOM explores performance on screen and screen-based practice in performance. Bringing together artists CAROLINE GARCIA, CHRISTIAN THOMPSON, EUGENIA LIM, FANNI FUTTERKNECHT and MIRA OOSTERWEGHEL, the exhibition will form a dialogue that investigates the liminal space between performance and video, as well as the tension between fiction and reality, space and non-space.

CLOSING EVENT: Sat August 06, 3pm

Please join us for a drink to celebrate the closing of SCREEN AS A ROOM. At 3pm there will be a performance as part of MIRA OOSTERWEGHEL’S new work, The conditions were simply perfect to catapult into infinity (2016). A body wobbles, bounces, flies. A body falls.

Complimentary drinks provided by Mountain Goat.

About the artists

NIKKI LAM is a Melbourne-based visual artist and independent curator. From video and installation, to writing and performative work, her practice engages in the complexity of belonging through the exploration of self, memory and space. Born in Hong Kong, Nikki has a particular interest in the translations of post-colonial identities in the hybrid world. Nikki is the Artistic Director of CHANNELS FESTIVAL, Australia’s only video art biennial showcases contemporary video practices. She is the visual arts editor at PERIL MAGAZINE, an arts and culture journal with Asian-Australian focus.

CAROLINE GARCIA is a culturally promiscuous performance maker. She works across live performance and video through a hybridised aesthetic of cross-cultural dance, ritual practice, new media, and the sampling of popular culture and colonial imagery. GARCIA’s practice is shaped by alterity, echoing notions of cultural ambiguity and displacement by adopting the role of shape shifter - sliding into the gaps between cultures, experiences of otherness and timeless clichés of exotic femininity. She takes an intersectional approach to contemporary dance (read: twerking), the cultural politics of identity and the diasporic body. She is concerned with forgotten choreographies, mimetic movement, alternate ways of viewing images of the past that eschew classical myths, and the cultural make up of the Filipina.

GARCIA has presented at Underbelly Arts Festival, Proximity Festival (WA), Junction Arts Festival (TAS), Channels Festival (VIC), PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, MCA ARTBAR, Art Month Sydney, the Kaldor Parlour Project for 13 Rooms, and Performance Space’s Day For Night with Técha Noble. She has exhibited at the ACMI, CCP, Firstdraft, Sydney Contemporary and UTS ART. Caroline recently participated in La Pocha Nostra’s Live Art Lab in Greece, led by Guillermo Gómez-Peña and was PACT’s Artist-in-Residence for 2015.

Although CHRISTIAN THOMPSON often appears in his photographs and videos, they are not self-portraits. Instead he uses his body to present ideas about identity and the collision of cultures. THOMPSON’s training as a sculptor is evident in the careful composition of his images. A self-confessed bower-bird he collects costumes and props to wear in unexpected combinations – sequinned tops are paired with headdresses of native flowers; a silk headscarf with glasses made of crystals. Recently THOMPSON has sought to remove himself from his work. By using props and costumes that conceal more of his face and body he explores ideas of domination and submission.

In 2010, THOMPSON made history becoming one of the first two Aboriginal Australians to be admitted into the University of Oxford to study for his doctorate. He also holds degrees from Amsterdam School of Arts, RMIT Melbourne and the University of Southern Queensland. He is represented in major national and state collections.

EUGENIA LIM is an Australian artist who works across video, performance and installation. Interested in how nationalism and stereotypes are formed, LIM invents personas to explore the tensions of an individual within society – the alienation and belonging in a globalised world. Conflations between authenticity, mimicry, natural, man-made, historical and anachronistic are important to the work. LIM’s work has been exhibited internationally at venues including the Tate Modern, GOMA, ACMI, HUN Gallery NY, and FACT Liverpool. Collaboration, artistic community and the intersection between art and society informs her practice: in addition to her solo work, she co-directed the inaugural CHANNELS FESTIVAL, is a board member at NEXT WAVE, the founding editor of ASSEMBLE PAPERS and co-founded TAPE PROJECTS.

Born in Vienna, FANNI FUTTERKNECHT has been studying free media, contextual painting and video at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She participated at CNDC in Angers in France researching performance, space and the body. FUTTERKNECHT creates performances, installations and works with video.

MIRA OOSTERWEGHEL is a Melbourne based artist working across performance, installation, video, sculpture and sound. She graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) in 2013. Her practice explores the body and its relation to site, structure and systems, with an ongoing interest in discourses of power.

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