Premiere: 'Shifting Surrounds'

Yandell Walton

The short film ‘Shifting Surrounds’ presents the immersive exhibition of the same title in a filmic format. The exhibition was developed for the SUBSTATION and was part of ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE Festival 2019. In ‘Shifting Surrounds’ Yandell Walton presents a series of six new site-specific installations that examine the continual process of change and adaptation that is the nature of life — in the planet, its ecosystems, and us. The scenarios presented in ‘Shifting Surrounds’ are speculative; they sit within a discourse of science fiction, and use metaphor to suggest the extent of the impact humans are having on Earth. Behind these speculative visions are the sobering, and increasingly alarming, facts and statistics of climate change. But facts and statistics alone are hard to digest, they often present catastrophic scenarios that leave us feeling helpless and hopeless. ‘Shifting Surrounds’ invites us to perceive the impending realities of climate change viscerally and sensorially. The exhibition takes us out of the ‘real’ world and transports us into a possible future, allowing us to see and feel what our world could become. Walking through this world, out of time and out of place, we are travellers in a desecrated environment created through actions that have the potential to become our own undoing. 

This screening is a one-off premiere hosted via YouTube, and will not be available for streaming at a later date. The livestream link will be sent to you via email, and posted to the Facebook event.

**ABOUT YANDELL: ** Yandell Walton is a Melbourne-based artist whose work encompasses projection, installation, and interactive digital media. Through work that melds architectural space with the projected image, Yandell has become recognised for her public projection works that merge the actual and the virtual to investigate notions of impermanence in relation to environmental, social and political issues. Yandell’s work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and non-traditional public spaces including Light City Festival Baltimore (2016), Digital Graffiti Florida (2015), Experimenta Speak to Me (Melbourne & Brisbane 2012-14), PUBLIC Festival Perth (2014), Melbourne Festival (2012), VIVID Festival Sydney (2013), ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art 2013) and White Night Festival Melbourne (2013/15), amongst others. Alongside her creative practice Yandell is a passionate advocate for projection art. She facilitates community development projects, workshops and masterclasses in projection art, and has collaborated with community groups from refugee backgrounds, indigenous communities and disadvantaged youth. 

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