Premiere: Louise Devenish 'Digital Phasing'

Directed by Louise Devenish, nine musicians distributed across the southern hemisphere in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia explore the use of latency as an agent for metric change when performing online.
Commissioned as part of the [email protected] project marking the 50th anniversary of Steve Reich’s Drumming, the project offers a pandemic perspective on Reich’s signature phasing techniques, through a new work titled Still Drumming 2020 by composer Jet Kye Chong. Performed across a range of percussive instruments through gaming platform Discord, out-of-phase rhythmic cells are perceived as stable in different locations, with moments of unity experienced only in transition. Mirroring everyone’s unique experience of the 2020 pandemic, each performer and listener experience a unique version of this work specific to their location.
Due to the nature of the project, this event is a one-off premiere that will not be available for streaming on demand at a later date.

Michael Askill (Mullumbimby)

Jet Kye Chong, composer (Perth)

Justin Dehart (Christchurch)

Louise Devenish, director (Melbourne)

Niki Johnson (Sydney)

Germaine Png (Singapore)

Matt Prendergast (Kuala Lumpur)

Rachel Thomas (Auckland)

Yoshiko Tsuruta (Tauranga)

Jackson Vickery (Perth)


The Sound Collectors Lab

Monash University

[email protected]

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