Premiere: 'Little Penguin Cup'

Henry Jock Walker

As part of our unwavering efforts to bring contemporary artists to the foreground, we are excited to invite you to participate in our new online experience, In Focus. Through a multi-faceted presentation of interviews, screenings, and premieres of select work, we hope to give our audience an intimate and authentic connection to our artists in arms. Our first artist In Focus is Henry Jock Walker.

Follow the making of Kintsugi Supermarket, an interactive studio, installation, and performance lead by Nampei Akaki (Jap) and Henry Jock Walker (Aus).

Walker documents the foundations of this exhibition in his premiere film ‘Little Penguin Cup’, from builds in Japan to installation of an Australian Japanese fusion repurposed art, a discount department store at The SUBSTATION.

This screening is a one-off premiere hosted via YouTube, and will not be available for streaming at a later date. The livestream link will be sent to you via email, and posted to the Facebook event.

ABOUT HENRY: Henry Jock Walker’s practice commonly explores possibilities of surfing, performance and painting through collaboration, and socially inclusive events. Walker has developed a national nomadic practice, utilising his Toyota Hiace van as an ever-changing exhibition/studio/performance site and mobile core of operations. Walker both celebrates and questions the place of contemporary art in Australia through public studio practice, thinking and working with many urban and regional communities.

For ten years he has been prolifically practicing, performing and exhibiting nationally - showing in leading artist run spaces and contemporary art organisations.

Walker was a founding co-director of the mobile ARI tarpspace. Studying at the Art School of South Australia 2006-2008, partly studying abroad in San Diego, California, he successfully completed his honours in 2011 at the Victorian College of Art, Melbourne.

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