PLATFORM: Indonesia

We’re excited to welcome audiences back to our private Minecraft server for the fourth instalment of PLATFORM. This edition brings focus to the rich artistic heritage of Indonesia, exploring radical art forms through virtual and collaborative performance. PLATFORM Indonesia is part exhibition, part ethnomusicology lesson morphing into a late night dance party drawing on Indonesian traditions.

New works by Ican Harem (Gabber Modus Operandi) and Swift (Passengers of Shit) with Karina Utomo (High Tensions) and Rully Shabara (Senyawa) promise to expand on what the future may offer. MC Hahan (ACE House Collective) will be your guide. Ardi Gunawan’s new series of paintings inspired by the late John Nixon’s improvised workshops will be shown in the ever-expanding gallery.


Gabber Modus Operandi, Dewa Alit, Prontaxan, DJ MIXXIT, Karina Utomo + Rully Shabara, Setabuhan, Ican + SWIFT


Ardi Gunawan


MC Hahan from Ace House


Kristi Monfries - Volcanic Winds

Frequently Asked Questions


A digitally-scaled recreation of The Substation building hosted inside a private Minecraft server, PLATFORM is a space for artists across visual arts and electronic music to develop and present new work. In-game audiences will be free to explore the iconic Newport building, attend exhibitions across its galleries and interact with other audience avatars.


To attend PLATFORM in game, you will need:

  • A copy of Minecraft. We run our game on the official version (or bedrock version) of Minecraft
  • Windows 10 or iOS ( iPad or iPhone)
  • An Xbox gamertag - sign up for free here
  • A Discord account - sign up for free here


  1. To play the game you will need to register for a ticket on our private server. Registrations will be advertised ahead of each iteration through Eventbrite.
  2. Once you are registered, we will contact you asking for your email address and gamertag (from Xbox).
  3. You will then receive an invite to our private Discord channel and from there you can enter PLATFORM. COSTUMES/ SKINS In game attendees can customise their characters in the world. The easiest way to do this is through the Minecraft Marketplace. There are a number of ‘skin’ packs available in the marketplace, including free skins.


There are a number of online guides for parents which provide guidance on how to keep your children safe online. These include: - The Australian government website on general online safety - The Victorian government advice on cyber safety - A guide for parents, specific to Minecraft


The Substation Discord channel is where you can ask questions and enter the private server that hosts PLATFORM. This channel is moderated by The SUBSTATION staff and anyone behaving in an unfriendly or unsafe manner will be deleted and booted out of the game. However, we cannot stop members from starting their own Discord channel and inviting members of our channel to theirs. We strongly encourage you to only sign up to our Discord channel for PLATFORM.


In moderating the private server which runs PLATFORM, we can see all in game chat from general announcements to person to person chat. If we notice anything unfriendly or unsafe we can boot players from the game and ban them from entering the server.

Like all events at The Substation, we encourage our audience to have an open mind, to explore and have fun. We prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our audience and will not tolerate any behaviour which threatens or intimidates anyone else.

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