Outer Space

12 March | 6:00pm - 10:00pm
13 March | 3:00pm - 12:00am
1 Market Street and Paine Reserve, Newport

As we begin our COVID-19 recovery, we are excited to welcome local audiences back to our building with a new program. Taking place across The Substation building and activating Newport’s Paine Reserve, Outer Space builds on our previous programming offerings while providing a safe environment for audience interaction. 

A free, two day program, Outer Space celebrates the reopening of our local area with a program of new work from artists presenting music, performance and visual arts.

This event is a COVIDSafe registered event - please view our COVIDSafe Check List here.


Amos Gebhardt ‘Spooky Action (at a distance)’
Gebhardt gives power to both human and non-human narratives in their explorations of the intersections between culture, nature and the body, explorations presented now—for the first time—in this new exhibition. Centred on themes of identity, queerness, resistance and entanglement, this extensive series of Gebhardt’s works form a labyrinth of film and photographs that unify the artist’s practice in a bold new way.

The Bait Fridge
The Bait Fridge is a multi-disciplinary collective from South Australia whose members collaborate under a unified banner to create works and performances which combine the practices of music, art, dance and theatre. The Bait Fridge incorporate elaborate costume construction, interactive art installations, experimental music, and audience workshops into their practice to create exciting performances and works.

Finding Figaro
Finding Figaro is a Westside based online editorial with fingers in a few pies. Broadcasting monthly on Bristol FM airwaves for Noods radio, Figaro programmes two hours of local Australian releases and special guests. Aside from longform pieces, premieres, reviews and interviews, Figaro operates parties, from the annual Seaworks affair Echo Beach, to a string of international guests (pre-COVID) and intimate shows.

Gallery B
A community-minded DJ with acuminous ability, Gallery B has humbly established herself as one of the country’s most high-minded and trustworthy selectors. The Naarm-via-Meanjin artist has soundtracked settings from gallery openings to heaving dancefloors, and is a constant feature on the national clubbing landscape.

Gustavo Germano
Starting with family photos, Barcelona-based photographer Gustavo Germano creates a series of before-and-after shots that are as powerful as they are personal. In every image-pairing of Ausencias (Absences)— taken in the same place, decades apart—a loved one is present, then absent. Like the systematic erasure of a dictatorship’s crimes, a disappeared person leaves a void, and a call for justice.

Jo Lloyd

Jo Lloyd is an influential Melbourne dance artist working with choreography as a social encounter, revealing behaviour over various durations and contexts. A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, Jo has presented work in Japan, Hong Kong, Dance Massive, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Liveworks, the MCA and PICA. Her work OVERTURE (Arts House 2018 and Melbourne Festival 2019) received three Green Room Awards and a Helpmann Award nomination. She recently created Archive the Archive for the National Gallery of Australia’s exhibition Know My Name. In 2019 she created; DOUBLE DOUBLE with Deanne Butterworth, Tina Havelock Stevens and Evelyn Morris, which was presented at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, Liveworks and Mona Foma. She is a current Resident Artist at The Substation.

Newport Folk and Fiddle Club
The Newport Folk and Fiddle Club (NFFC) are a folk music club based in Newport who run several ongoing musical groups and a range of monthly and annual events. The NFCC seeks to provide opportunities for amateur musicians to get together, play and learn from each, and invites non musicians to enjoy and participate in music through listening, singing, and dancing.

Over the past year Adelaide five-piece Slowmango have found a sweet-spot between their global inspirations, developing a sound which invokes moments of compulsive danceability and upbeat celebration, without forgetting Sunday mornings and afternoon drives. Think a hard-hitting Khruangbin sitting on a bed of Fela Kuti rhythms and a sprinkling of jazz- tied together in songs reminiscent of the classic 60’s British prog bands.

Sam Kariotis
Currently based in Melbourne, Australia, Sam Kariotis is a multi-disciplinary artist combining forms of digital collage with projection/light art. His work reimagines classical Baroque paintings, exploring themes of magic, sexuality, and the unconscious, he aims to bring intuitive and surrealist processes into the medium of collage. As a trans person, he is fascinated by the manipulation of perceptions, and creating “natural glitches” in his works.

Skunk Control
Skunk Control is an interdisciplinary team of artists, engineers and scientists creating sensory installations. The group collective from the college of Engineering and Science at Victoria University formed in 2012. Their installations have been exhibited at the LUMINA Light Festival in Portugal, LUX Light Festival in New Zealand, Lorne Biennale, and Melbourne Museum, as well as numerous Melbourne Festivals and exhibitions.

Tongberang’i Ngarrga
Tongberang’i Ngarrga Inc. is a voluntary, not-for-profit Aboriginal organisation, who create dance music gatherings, cultural events, and community based programs for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community. Originally operating as consultants to support music festivals in incorporating cultural understanding and celebration into festivities, Tongberang’i Ngarrga Inc now facilitates their own community programs and music events, with a focus on promoting reconciliation and cultural celebration through dance, storytelling and music.

The Orbweavers
The Orbweavers are Marita Dyson and Stuart Flanagan. They have released three studio albums and received national and international praise for their evocative songs and commissioned soundtracks, which include ABC TV series ‘The War That Changed Us’. They have performed across the country and internationally at music festivals and cultural institutions, and are Creative Fellows at State Library of Victoria, writing and recording a suite of original songs about Melbourne waterways.

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