Noir Trail 2016

One Step at a Time Like This

NOIR TRAIL is an immersive, serialized, location-driven, performance event taking place over consecutive nights & days in multiple locations of an urban nightscape.

The work is conceived as a mini-series, exploring mystery, the unknown, and the nature of fear. Audience members are directed to precincts within which the action, clues and revelations happen. Audience then interact with the precinct and its inhabitants to ascertain certain directions and clues which lead them further into the narrative elements/their own self. These precincts may be bars, laneways, apartments, car parks. As the audience move, they journey further into questions surrounding the perception of fear and what generates it.

Audience involvement and complicity is heightened by a distinctly mobile and lively audience agency. The audience are not lead to ‘a scene’, but must actively engage with each environment in order to ‘stumble upon’ the next piece in the puzzle. The precincts of the audience-participant are the field of assignation/rendezvous, allowing experiences and insights to be generated both within and beyond the boundaries of the performance. The work interweaves performance, audience conversation, web-based and mobile phone technologies, walking, narrative and sound & video installation. All this serves as a starting-point for meditations, reflections and revelations on the nature of fear and our relationship with it.

About One Step At A Time Like This

one step at a time like this is a group of artists based in Melbourne, Australia whose practice extends into areas of what is usually referred to as ‘live art’. Their earliest works were primarily theatre works. These included original works as well as radical re-workings of classical texts, incorporating elements of contemporary popular culture. one step at a time like this are interested in the audience and their part in creating the meaning of the work. This has led them progressively further away from representation and toward site-responsive works which engage the activity of the participant in the realisation and comprehension of the work. These audience works have a pre-occupation with the place and role of the audience. Their work is informed, above all, by an emphasis on relationships - between people, and qualities of space and time. The connective and often intimate nature of the work reflects the company’s interest in engaging audience members in the activity, and by extension the creation, of a work of meaning. The hope is to create invitations, resonances and pathways toward a more engaged experience of live theatre and lived relations. The company has worked together since 2001.

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