Natalie Abbott

NATALIE ABBOTT will take physical and conceptual material from the past (personal and collective history) and the future (science fiction, projection, telepathy, alternate realities) to create a visceral performance of the now. This is an initial creative development and will involve investigation into the pelvis and vagino-centric movement practices, performances, performers and text. ABBOTT will look into mythology and the representation of women in mythology, and will investigate NIKE – the goddess of victory – and use this as impetus for choreography. ABBOTT will explore femininity as it is perceived by the western world and delve deep into movement practices that explore, exploit and ignore this.

About the artist

NATALIE ABBOTT creates sensorial performance experiences. Her work deals with endurance based practices, exhausting bodies to create new dialogues between the audience and performer. She is currently interested in failure and how this can be explored within the performance context. Her research currently involves exploring how to perform ‘authentic’ failure, how to attempt and tempt failure to occur. Within this research, Natalie is interested in pulling apart attachment to the preconceived, of allowing and celebrating something that is imperfect and exploring the choreographic potential within that.

Previous works include ULTIMATE PRESSURE - a video sensory immersion, Next Wave Festival (NWF) 2010; CIRCLES FOR SQUARES - Lucy Guerin’s Pieces for Small Spaces 2011; LEVITY - a video work at Blindside Gallery 2012; PHYSICAL FRACTALS - Next Wave Festival 2012, Dance Massive 2013, PACT Sydney,2013; DEEP FLEX - Tiny Stadiums, Sydney 2013; SWEAT – Melbourne NOW at the NGV 2014; MAXIMUM - Arts House NWF 2014, Festival D’Avignon OFF, France 2014, Performance Space:SCORE, Sydney 2014, Dance Massive, Dancehouse 2015, PICA, Perth 2015, La Boite Indie, Brisbane 2015.

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