Moor Mother and Rasheedah Phillips


The radical Philadelphia-based collaboration BLACK QUANTUM FUTURISM, consisting of musician and poet, CAMAE AYEWA aka MOOR MOTHER and writer and activist RASHEEDAH PHILLIPS perform for the first time in Australia.

As BLACK QUANTUM FUTURISM, AYEWA and PHILLIPS speak to the violence, trauma and radical political struggles of black history and mobilise the revolutionary potential of Afrofuturist thought to manipulate and reorient perceptions of the past and present in ways that make alternative futures imaginable.

The MOOR MOTHER sound is abrasive; a torrent of noise, free jazz, hip-hop, poetry and punk (or, in her own words, ‘project-housing bop, slaveship punk, witch rap’). The album Fetish Bones, released in 2016, is already considered a contemporary masterpiece. Pitchfork described it as ‘a reminder of the hardships of love under the regime of historical trauma’, an album ‘you will never be able to unhear’, and The Wire was moved to describe MOOR MOTHER as ‘the most radical Afrofuturist artist to emerge for years’.

RASHEEDAH PHILLIPS is a community housing activist, a mother, writer, the creator of THE AFROFUTURIST AFFAIR and a founding member of METROPOLARITY QUEER SCI-FI COLLECTIVE. In 2014, she published her first speculative fiction collection, Recurrence Plot (and Other Time Travel Tales), followed by an anthology of experimental essays from Black visionary writers called Black Quantum Futurism: Theory & Practice Vol. I.

In Support:

Kandere is the duo of artists, Lakyn Tarai and Ripley Kavara. Their connection is deeply rooted in queerness and their shared Melanesian ancestry, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Together they create waves of avant hip hop, synth heavy r&b and darker club influences. With driving vocals & rapping structured around sharp energising production, they create a dynamic and powerful sound. Papaphilia
Papaphilia is the solo project of Fjorn. Fjorn has previously explored anxiety-ridden embodiment in live performance through improvised harshed out electronic effects and tape manipulation. Neil Morris
Yorta yorta song carrier sound breather. Story giver sovereign spirit. Through collages of sound and word fused with various modern technologies, Neil Morris creates art that positions itself in futuristic realms, whilst continuing reverberations of the ancient into the now, with a strong impetus of decolonisation embodied.
Sezzo Snot
Sezzo Snot emerges as a club DJ who combines social media commentary and philosophy. In her hometown of Brisbane, she curated the first QTIPOC club nights outside of the normative gay sphere.
With readings from:
Pauline Vetuna
Bigoa Chuol
Rasheedah Phillips


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