Margie Medlin



During her residency at The SUBSTATION, MARGIE MEDLIN will research two projects. One, a dance and media public art project that links incidental spectators with large-scale video dance projections and mobile image technologies.

Research associates include VICKI VAN HOUT, PATRICK LUCKY LARTEY, ANNA TREGLOAN & MARTIN FOX. The second project in collaboration with PROFESSOR HOLGER DEUTER from the University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern, Germany, researches the theme of weapons design and media technologies.

MARGIE MEDLIN is an artist, designer and curator. Her work explores the relationship between dance and the moving image, space and light. MEDLIN has created many, varied multi-screen movement performances and installations using technologies ranging from analogue through to state of the art digital systems utilising live video, motion capture, motion control and robotics.

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