Loscil (CA), Rafael Anton Irisarri (USA), Joe Talia & Eiko Ishibashi (JPN) and Lost Few

The SUBSTATION and Room40 present a night of beautiful electronic exploration through an impressive cast of ambient masters – Loscil (CA), Rafael Anton Irisarri (USA), Joe Talia and Eiko Ishibashi (JPN) and Lost Few.

Loscil aka Scott Morgan from Vancouver derived his name from the “looping oscillator” function of Csound audio programming language. Yet since 2001 Loscil has been making more than just loops – bringing slow ambient textures exploring subjects like water and morning plain – leaving you wrapped in a sonic blanket of euphoria and aural bliss.

Joining Loscil is one of New Yorks most celebrated ambient music makers, Rafael Anton Irisarri, a multi-instrumentalist, record producer, mastering engineer and curator. Irisarri’s music often has a mournful, elegiac quality, his compositions are deeply emotive and epic, like a symphony recording that’s been rescued from attic entombment after half a century. 

Tokyo-based electro-acoustic duo Eiko Ishibashi & Joe Talia, performing with flute, piano, analog tape, synthesizers and percussion. Together their work creates a dense harmonic sound world that exists somewhere between avant-garde improvisation and electronic exploration.

Joining this spectacular line up is Lost Few, an audio-visual project by Melbourne-based experimental artist David Thomson. Lost Few will be debuting Between the Silence – a two person performance installation with visuals by Keith Deverell – showcasing ambient techno, disturbed electronics, processed instrumentation and sub-bass experiments.

This event is general standing and relaxed seating.

Presented by The SUBSTATION and Room40.

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