Kintsugi Supermarket

Kintsugi Supermarket is Australia’s first born and bred Australian Japanese fusion repurposed art, discount department store. The first store will open on the outskirts of Melbourne, in Newport at The SUBSTATION in Victoria in early 2020, for one night only: Tuesday the 25th February from 7:30pm - 11:00pm.

Kintsugi Supermarket will employ anyone and everyone all to be payed minimum wage of 50 Kintsugi dollars per hour. All engaged artists and participants can build unique items and products, create advertising, work on interior design or create any new job for themselves, using recycled art and materials from a wide variety of Australian and Japanese artists, all welcome to participate, from 18-22 Feb,11:00-5:00pm at The SUBSTATION. Five days to make a supermarket from scratch, any and all help and participation will be very much appreciated.

Guest artists are dynamic, creative, passionate, humble and relentless in their pursuit of art making in Australia, Japan and beyond. From women’s, men’s and children’s wear to fresh fruit and veg, wall art, furniture, and folklore, Kintsugi Supermarket is a popular one-stop-shop for customers looking for a creative supermarket product creation and or consumption experience.

GUEST ARTISTS: Emmaline Zanelli (Adelaide/Melbourne, Andrew Treloar (Melbourne), Kurt Bosecke (Adelaide), Adi Schmidt Mumm (Adelaide), Kaspar Schmidt Mumm (Adelaide), Claire Markwick-Smith (Adelaide), Aida Azin (Melbourne), James Brown (Adelaide), ELLe Shimada (Melbourne), Abbey Howlett (Melbourne).

ARTWORK AND CONTRIBUTIONS: Boram Momo Lee (Korea), Robert Micheal Jordan (Japan/America), Sam Weckert (Adelaide), NISI (Kanagawa), Jizu (Adelaide), Yabe Tadashi (Tokyo), KEN KEN Kenichi Iwasa (London), Jan Ek Zamoyski (Warsaw, Poland), Yutaka Takayama (Kyoto), Mayuko Takayama (Tokyo), Vova Vorotn I ov (Kiev, Ukraine), Kotaro Hosono (Tokyo), Keiji Sawa (Kawasaki), Kioe Akaki (Tokyo), Nupesi (E-Hime, Shikoku), Yoonkee (Seoul, Korea), ZUZA (Warsaw, Poland), Johann M. Winkelmann (Germany), Chinoshu-kun (Tokyo), Mitumo Hidehilko (Tokyo), Boa-chan (China/Italy), Hyashi San (Tokyo), Wes Maselli (Adelaide), Gregory Hodge (Thirroul/France), Takuo DAMI Yamada (Tokyo/Australia), Peter “Jungle” Phillips (Adelaide), Will Cheeseman (Adelaide), Renuka Rajiv (India), Jessie Lumb (Adelaide/ Papa New Guinea). Amanda Radomi (Adelaide), Scott Pyle (Adelaide), Tristan Kerr (Adelaide), Che Chorely (Darwin), James Dodd (Adelaide), Chris Sheppard (Tokyo), Terrence C. Lotter (Chiba, Japan), John R Harris (Chiba, Japan), JET (Chiba, Japan), Honda San (Chiba, Japan), Keiden San (Chiba, Japan), Ross Butson (Chiba, Japan), Yoko Buston (Chiba, Japan), Jordy Butson (Chiba, Japan).

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