FLUOROPHONE creates a kaleidoscopic sound world in which the central instruments radiate, flicker, glow and burn. Analogue and digital fluorescent lights, the naked flame, strobe lights and custom-built LED discs are combined with percussion to create a program in which the music and lighting design are one and the same. FLUOROPHONE moves between noise, theatrical music and virtuosic instrumentalism, in a synesthetic display of light and sound.

SIMON LØFFLER’s (DEN) works modulate sound through the energy passed through audio cables, fluorescent lights, and the human body into noisy and wild sonic landscapes combined with a spectacularly integrated light display.

JULIANA HODKINSON’s (DEN/UK) Lightness places the humble match at centre stage, exploring the pure theatre and sonic world of the match and matchbox strike, shake and sizzle. Light consumes the darkness that consumes the flame; the piece advances by hollowing out the darkness with small spades of destruction – constantly re-starting itself from the last extinction.

EUGENE UGHETTI’s (AUS) Pyrite Gland is bogus tom-tom music made by synthesising air and friction through the cavities of a drum, ribbed tubing and foot pump. Stripped of its popular identity, the tom-tom glows, inflates and moans alongside the whistle, sigh and pant of its accompanying instruments. All lighting is generated through programmed LED discs, inserted into the drums and wirelessly controlled in perfect sync with the music. Pyrite Gland is inspired by Edward Lear’s fictional character The Dong with a luminous nose from the Children’s book The Quangle Wangles Hat.

DAMIEN RICKETSON’s (AUS) Rendition Clinic is an austere exploration of light and sound attacks. A quartet of sonic-visual relationships unfold in the three sections of the work, where intense combinations of bursts of strobe light and percussive attacks reference altered states of perception in settings ranging from nightclubs to medical clinics to ‘soft’ torture.

About the artists

JULIANA HODKINSON’s work ranges from extremely reduced chamber works to large-scale electroacoustic formats. Her works often involve extra-musical objects and parameters, ranging from feathers and water to scrap-metal and field recordings, and they frequently arise through interdisciplinary processes, walking the line of what is relevant sonic content for musical situations such as composition, rehearsal and concert performance. Sounds from disparate sources are typically proposed or presented alongside one another, inviting performers and listeners to complete the synthesis of impressions within a specific context. Tones and toys, matchsticks and multiphonics, repertoire and reel-tapes, vibrato and ventilators, Schubert and schools … are some of the couplings that can be found in her theatre of sounds.

Her music has been commissioned by many ensembles, festivals and arts organisations worldwide including Konzerthaus Berlin, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Interfilm Festival, Chamber Made Opera, Den Anden Opera, Operanord, Berliner Festspiele/MaerzMusik, Südwestdeutsche Rundfunk, Spor Festival, Odense Symphony Orchestra, l’Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Mons, Scenatet, Zinc & Copper Works, Lydenskab, Kammerensemble Neue Musik and Esbjerg Ensemble. She has held residencies in Japan (Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation), Belgium (Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes), and Denmark (Kongegaarden, and Odense Symphony Orchestra) - and in April 2014, she was guest resident at the University of Bogazici, Istanbul. Her music and performances are represented by Edition Wilhelm Hansen and Kaja Management.

SIMON LØFFLER was born in Copenhagen, and studies in Copenhagen, Berlin, Aarhus and Brussels. At the moment Simon’s interest is in exploring how we relate to each other when we play music together, and how to work with this “togetherness” as a tangible parameter. This often implies a high degree of interaction between those who are playing.

DAMIEN RICKETSON is a Sydney-based composer and Co-Artistic Director of Ensemble Offspring, a unique arts company dedicated to innovative new music. RICKETSON’s music is characterised by exotic sound-worlds and novel forms and is frequently integrated with other media. Recent large-scale works include Fractured Again, a multimedia production, which toured China and featured in the Sydney Festival and The Secret Noise, a hybrid music-dance work about music and secrecy that was awarded ‘Instrumental Work of the Year’ in the 2015 Art Music Awards. RICKETSON studied with Dutch composer Louis Andriessen and has a PhD from the Sydney Conservatorium where he is currently Chair of Composition.

EUGENE UGHETTI instigates arts projects that impact on contemporary culture and presents work that stimulates our consciousness. He is a percussionist, composer, conductor and is currently the Artistic Director of SPEAK PERCUSSION. His professional experience is diverse but his particular focus is new chamber music and hybrid-arts collaboration.

EUGENE has instigated numerous International arts projects involving Australian chamber music, cross-arts collaboration, commissioning International artists and taking other Australian artists overseas. He has undertaken professional collaborations with choreographers, animators, dancers, installation artists, actors and instrument builders. He has commissioned over forty new solo and ensemble works. This experience includes solo and group work in premiere arts festivals, educational residencies and independent projects.

EUGENE founded, with glass artist Elaine Miles, The Glass Percussion Project. This project was launched in Melbourne in 2006, it received its international debut in New York in early 2007 and was the focus of a full episode of an ABC “Artists at Work” documentary screened on Australian national television.

As a conductor, EUGENE has worked with ELISION, Speak Percussion, Quiver and Orchestra Victoria. His engagements with Australian new music ensembles and arts organisations include ELISION, the Australian Art Orchestra, Libra, the David Chesworth Ensemble, Astra, Synergy, Aphids, Ensemble Offspring and Chamber Made Opera.

EUGENE has lectured and hosted masterclasses throughout the world, and is currently a sessional staff member at the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (University of Melbourne) and is an academic lecturer at Monash University.

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