Dragon Ladies Don't Weep

Featuring Margaret Leng Tan in a co-production by Chamber Made and CultureLink Singapore

A work that sweeps across the senses, Dragon Ladies Don’t Weep is new music icon MARGARET LENG TAN’s exploration of memory, time, control and loss.

A native of Singapore, TAN forged a path as a major force within the American avant-garde, collaborating with such giants as John Cage and George Crumb. Her stellar career is a touchstone for the past 50 years of experimental music lineage.

Dragon Ladies Don’t Weep combines spoken and recorded text, projected images, and original composition for prepared piano, toy piano, percussion and toys by TAN’s long-term collaborator ERIK GRISWOLD.

Created by a team of Singaporean and Australian artists led by Chamber Made director TAMARA SAULWICK and performed by TAN, this cross-cultural collaboration is an evocative collage of the forces that have shaped TAN’s life and how music has been both her passion and her refuge.

Opening the evening is the world premiere of an international collaboration between Japanese filmmaker MAKINO TAKASHI and Australian composer LAWRENCE ENGLISH.

Dragon Ladies Don’t Weep is presented at Arts Centre Melbourne as part of the SUBSONIC program curated for Asia TOPA by The SUBSTATION.

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