Alison Currie

Adelaide based choreographer and artist, ALISON CURRIE presents her new work CONCRETE IMPERMANENCE, tackling global and personal instability, environmental disaster and personal trauma through the connection of sculptural objects and people on stage. Through these relationships and environments, she reveals the fragility of human existence; in its tragedy, its poetic beauty and in the inevitable reality of a fragile existence.


Supported by Insite Arts, Arts SA, Australia Council for the Arts, Restless Dance Theatre, LWDance Hub, Access2Arts, Adelaide Festival Centre.

Directed and Choreographed by Alison Currie
Dancers: Alison Currie, Harrison Richie-Jones & Stephen Sheehan
Choreography in collaboration with Carlie Angel, Amrita Hepi, Jessie Oshodi, Lewis Rankin & Stephen Sheehan
Sound: Alisdair Macindoe
Lighting Design: Matthew Adey
Visuals: Jason Lam: Kaboom Studios
Creative Assistant: Carlie Angel
Sculptural Objects molo: designers Stephanie Forsythe & Todd MacAllen
Costume: Anny Duff: Goods Studios, shoes by All Birds
Creative Producer: Jason Cross

Set consultation: Stephen Hayter
Design consultation: Morag Cook
Sound consultation: Sascha Budimski
Audio description consultation: Lara Torr: Access 2 Arts
Secondment dancers: Rita Bush & Cazna Brass

Stills documentation: Jessie McKinlay, Kel Mocilnik & Sam Roberts
Video documentation: Sam Roberts & Daylight Breaks: Tim Standing

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