The Art of Work


Combining archive footage, interviews with artists working at the Substation, and explorations of the lives of the working people of Newport; THE ART OF WORK will guide you through the past and present of work in Newport. THE ART OF WORK is part of a series by BACK STORY: projection walking tours leading to a domesticated outdoor cinema screening presented by PROJECTOR BIKE.

BACK STORY is a fully mobile and wearable projection rig designed to be operated by members of our local community. A simple backpack holds all the gear required for a mobile projection and sound system. In an ongoing investigation of the rich transport and industrial past of Newport, BACK STORY will be building an archive of still and moving images sourced from local collections that will culminate in a series of guided projection walks at dawn and dusk over the closing weekend of the festival.

From the creative producers of TESTING GROUNDS and PROJECTOR BIKE.

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