100 Years Zine


To celebrate 100 years of the Newport Substation, 100 YEARS ZINE combines archival records and personal histories to tell the story of Newport as a suburb.

Through the DIY medium of zines, SAMANTHA RIEGL and REBECCA VINCI capture the heart and spirit of an well established estate that time almost forgot. Having trawled library archives, databases, back office filing cabinets and meeting up with some long-standing members of the community, they have pieced together part of Newport’s largely undocumented history. 100 YEARS ZINE illustrates the vibrant and varied life and times of this structurally sound suburb that grew up eclipsed by the twin shadows of Williamstown and Footscray.

About the artists

SAMANTHA RIEGL is an artist from Melbourne, Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) (Photography) at The Victorian College of the Arts and Music in 2012. Experimenting with a variety of media including photography, zines, text, video and installations, RIEGL’s artistic practice explores her own dysfunctional and failing relationships. Using her own past relationships and ex-boyfriends as conceptual material, she examines a universal experience of love, loss and bitter choices.

REBECCA VINCI. Born and raised in Newport, REBECCA VINCI is a Melbourne based artist with close ties to the area. Having been an avid zine-maker since her early teens, REBECCA’s work is often personal in content and reflects her poor impulse control through elaborate tales of a life spent in Melbourne’s inner west. The majority of her work is playful and self-deprecating, preferring to champion honesty and storytelling over her own reputation; she is not classically trained as an artist.

STICKY INSTITUTE is a shop and resource devoted entirely to zines. We sell zines on behalf of zinemakers, and since opening in 2001 have stocked over 12,000 zine titles. STICKY INSTITUTE have space to create and copy zines. Zinemakers are welcome to use the photocopier, long-armed staplers, typewriters and other resources provided. STICKY INSTITUTE also runs and curates the annual zine celebration Festival Of The Photocopier, which includes the largest zine fair in Australia, held at Melbourne Town Hall.

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