Performance maker and visual artist Melanie Jame Wolf explores the power of rumour in this darkly humorous and immersive video installation. Wolf inhabits a series of richly compelling personas throughout CHORUS, to evoke the ancient Greek Mythological space and speak to the way current politics is played out.

From a shapeshifting chorus of camp figures, Wolf critically engages with the pleasures and dangers of vanity, ambition, greed, morality, chaos and mischief. Through surreal visuals and magnetic soundscape, CHORUS offers visitors an opportunity to reckon with the power associated with voice, both individual and in unison – our own and others – as we observe, interpret and report on human behaviour.

How does gossip enforce notions of what is proper and what is shameful?

Melanie Jame Wolf is an Australian born artist who lives and works between Melbourne and Berlin. She makes work about economies. Sometimes solo, sometimes with friends. Always exploring systems of value and exchange, particularly as they occur in the murky field of immaterial capital – the social, the cultural, the affective. She investigates these flows as they are produced through ideas of ghosts, of gender, of pop, of myth, of morality, of sensuality, of class.

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