Cain And Abel

the rabble

CAIN AND ABEL is an electrifying theatrical experience, a provocative and bloody retelling of a story that has stained the earth and our psyche for millennia.

The biblical story of CAIN AND ABEL is the tale of the first act of violence – an act that ricocheted across time. It envisions our history as man on man, brother on brother, blood on the earth. Well beyond its religious beginnings, it is a story that has defined our contemporary understanding of violence. THE RABBLE has reimagined the story as a female one, with two sisters at the centre of the work (MARY HELEN SASSMAN and DANA MILTINS). The sisters recreate the first act of violence over and over again – from biblical sanctity to the spectacle of Hollywood. This is THE RABBLE at their best: a brave, iconoclastic and visually arresting work that questions our core assumptions about femininity and violence.

Tues July 26: Artists Post-Show Talk

A History of Violence? EMMA VALENTE with REBECCA FORGASZ and hosted by ADENA JACOBS.


THE RABBLE are an independent group of unsalaried artists and our box office goes directly towards the cost of this production, including our artists fees. Everyone is welcome at our work and all tickets are general admission and of equal value, regardless of what you pay… but for those that can afford to, we invite you to purchase a RABBLE LOVERS ticket to help support our artists.

About the artists

KATE DAVIS is the Co-Artistic director of THE RABBLE. She is a designer, installation artist and director. Kate most recently co-created and designed for THE RABBLE – Deathly, Death, Dead (Curator - Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne Writers Festival), Cain & Abel (Belvoir St Theatre), Frankenstein (Malthouse Theatre), Room of Regret (Theatreworks) for the 2013 Melbourne Festival, Story of O (MTC) for NEON: Independent Theatre Festival and Orlando (Malthouse Theatre) for the 2012 Melbourne Festival and the 2014 Brisbane Festival. Recent Design credits include: The Wizard of Oz (Belvoir St Theatre), What Rhymes with Cars & Girls (MTC), The Effect (MTC), In Bob We Trust (Ghost Pictures), What’s Coming (Dancehouse – Alexandra Harrison), Special (THE RABBLE, La Mama), For a Better World (Griffin Theatre), The Bedroom Project (THE RABBLE - Linden – Centre for Contemporary Art), Cageling (THE RABBLE – 45 Downstairs & CarriageWorks), When the Pictures Came (Terrapin Puppet Theatre & Children’s Art Theatre of China), Dark, Not Too Dark (Alexandra Harrison, Performance Space), Superperfect (Shopfront Theatre & Nibroll, Japan), Zombie State (Melbourne Workers Theatre), Helena and the Journey of the Hello (Terrapin Puppet Theatre), Manna (STC), Salome - In Cogito Volume III (THE RABBLE, CarriageWorks), Corvus (THE RABBLE, CarriageWorks).

EMMA VALENTE is a freelance director, dramaturge and lighting designer. She is the Co Artistic director and CEO of THE RABBLE. Her recent directing credits include: Sappho: In 9 fragments (Aspen Island Theatre Company), Deathly/ Death/ Dead (Director/ Curator – Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne Writers’ Festival), Cain and Abel (Belvoir St Theatre), Frankenstein (Malthouse Theatre), Room of Regret (Melbourne Festival, Theatre Works,), Story of O (Neon Festival, Melbourne Theatre Company, THE RABBLE) Orlando (Melbourne Festival, Helium Program - Tower Theatre Malthouse – Brisbane Festival, DARK MOFO), Special (Carlton Courthouse), The Bedroom Project (Linden Gallery) Cageling (CarriageWorks – 45 downstairs ), Salome: In Cogito Volume III (CarriageWorks). For THE RABBLE she is currently working on Cain and Abel, Joan, Ulysses and Candy House.

VALENTE’s recent lighting design credits: Bright World (Arthur, TheatreWorks) Wizard of Oz (Belvoir St Theatre) More Female Parts (Fairfax Theatre, Melbourne Arts Centre) Calamity! (MTC NEON), Myth Project: Twin (Melbourne Theatre Company, Neon Festival, Arthur) Cain and Abel (THE RABBLE: Belvoir St Theatre), Frankenstein (THE RABBLE: Malthouse Theatre), Room of Regret (Melbourne International Arts Festival, Theatre Works, THE RABBLE), Story of O (Neon Festival, Melbourne Theatre Company, THE RABBLE), Orlando (Melbourne International Arts Festival, Helium Program - Tower Theatre Malthouse), The Golden Dragon (Melbourne Theatre Company), Special (THE RABBLE), For a Better World (Griffin Independent) The Bedroom Project (Linden Gallery), Bare Witness (45 downstairs) Cageling (CarriageWorks, 45 downstairs), When the Pictures Came (Shanghai, Hobart, Adelaide - Terrapin) Here (The Women’s Circus), The Lower Depths (Ariette Taylor) and Manna (Sydney Theatre Company). Recently Emma has been the dramaturge for Schmaltz (Daniel Schlusser/ Malthouse Theatre), Calamity! (MTC NEON), Welcome to Nowhere (Monash University/ Tower Theatre)Podium Dances (FOLA) and Bright World (Arthur, Theatre Works). Emma has been nominated for 6 Green Room Awards and 1 Sydney Theatre Award including 2 nominations for most Outstanding Contemporary Performance (Room of Regret, Frankenstein) and a win for Design Integration for Special.

DANA MILTINS graduated from The Centre for the Performing Arts in Adelaide in 2001. She then furthered her training at The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York with famed teacher Earl Gister. She is an associate artist of THE RABBLE and has performed in almost every production throughout the company’s history including: Salome (Carriageworks), Corvus (Carriageworks), Cageling (45 Downstairs/Carriageworks), The Bedroom Project (Linden Gallery), Story of O (MTC), Frankenstein (Malthouse) and most recently Cain and Abel (Belvoir). In 2012 she played ‘Orlando’ in their production of Orlando for The Melbourne Festival. The show received a commendation in the Age Critics Awards, and was named ‘Top Show 2012’ by Time Out. Other theatre credits include The Golden Dragon (MTC), For a Better World (Griffin), and Manna (STC).

MARY HELEN SASSMAN has worked with The Rabble since 2008 when she co-created and performed in THE RABBLE’s Salome at Carriageworks. With the company she then went on to perform in Cageling, The Bedroom Project, Special, Orlando, The Story of O and Room of Regret. Most recently she performed the role of Abel in Cain and Abel for Belvoir and Dr Frankenstein for Malthouse Theatre. She has performed in installation and performance works by Jude Walton, Sarah Pell and Lloyd Jones and numerous productions at La Mama theatre. SASSMAN studied Performance Studies at Victoria University and has worked extensively in theatre, performance and music.

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