Blowin' up


BLOWIN’ UP is a series of three linked solo performances from the makers of THIS IS WHAT’S HAPPENING (Winner: Best Dance, 2015 Melbourne Fringe Awards). Contemporary dances that are a bit like performance, and contemporary performances that are a bit like dance, three strange takes on what it feels like to be alive. Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden and William McBride present BLOWIN’ UP as part of The SUBSTATION’s curated Melbourne Fringe Program.

In SNEAKY BASTARD Caroline lies in wait. In thick silence and with deep restraint, she plans and then lashes out. Come see the Murky Beauty dance.

In THE BUSH CAPITAL Alice is off on a journey. Torn between her impulses to either re-join the natural world, or to rule it, follow our heroine as she breaks down walls and faces up to some of life’s greatest hurdles.

With LYIN’ DOWN we can all relax. William brings us all together for a natter and a bit of a roll around. Part-storytime, part-awkward lap dance, part-hypnotism, part-requiem.


ALICE DIXON, CAROLINE MEADEN and WILLIAM MCBRIDE work in a non-hierarchical collaboration as performers and devisers of new unusual contemporary dance-theatre. DIXON and MEADEN have worked together in contemporary dance, performance and film for seven years, with MCBRIDE joining the collaboration in 2013 with a background in theatre, writing and performance installation. Each artist has an established solo practice that complements and extends their collaboration. Their most recent work, THIS IS WHAT’S HAPPENING was presented as part of Darebin Arts’ Speakeasy program for the 2015 Melbourne Fringe. The work was critically acclaimed, won the Melbourne Fringe Award for Best Dance, and has been nominated for an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance and a Green Room Award for Best Sound. Their performance work is an enquiry at the intersection of dance and theatre that foregrounds rigorous and unusual physicality, inventive writing and spoken delivery and choreographic performance structures and dramaturgical logics. Their performance works are layer-cakes of form and reference that speak to the complexity of what it feels like to be alive in this ‘heartbroken little era.’ Their work seeks to expand rather than lock-down meaning and embraces multiplicity and complexity over declarations of certitude.

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